How do you sew the top lining?

How do you attach lining to a garment?

Lining needs to be slightly smaller than your garment, so add ⅛” to your seam allowance when sewing. To avoid the lining showing on hems, adjust the hem lining to be ½” to 1” shorter than the garment.

How do you sew facing lining?

place the facing down on top, with right sides together. You need to line up the bottom edge of the facing (the lower curve) to the waistline of the lining. Match up the side seams and notches, and ease the lining into the curve of the facing, pinning as you go.

Do you finish lining seams?

Finishing the Seams

Seam finishing is one key to a professional looking garment and all linen needs some sort of seam finish. On light-weight and medium-weight linens, a clean-finished edge works well and looks neat.

What is the difference between facing and lining?

Facing is a fabric that’s applied to the garment’s inside edge (such as along the neckline and armholes), usually in place of a full lining. Like a lining, it gives the garment a clean look, hiding the raw edge between the wrong side of the fabric and the wrong side of the facing.

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