How do you showcase a quilt?

What is the best way to display a quilt?

Lap quilts, doll quilts, and smaller wall hangings are easily displayed by stitching corner pockets into the back side at the top. Add these small, triangular pieces on top of the backing and beneath the binding of your creation for a finished look.

How do you display a homemade quilt?

The drying rack leaning against a wall makes a perfect place to drape a few quilts. And the towel rack on the wall is another fun way to display a quilt! I also like hanging the quilts on the wall. I use quilt hangers made for wall hangings.

How do you display a quilt collection?

A quilt rack is always perfect for displaying a single quilt or a collection like the colorful one above. A quilt can easily be displayed by laying it across the foot of the bed. You might chose to protect by removing it from the bed at night. A quilt stand or a chair is perfect for that.

How do you display a quilt on a rack?

How to Fold a Quilt for a Quilt Rack

  1. Spread the quilt out flat on the floor or some other flat surface. …
  2. Take the two corners on the short sides of the quilt and fold them together. …
  3. Fold the quilt in half widthwise. …
  4. Fold the quilt in half once more to create a rectangle.
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How do you decorate a room with a quilt?

Use the quilt’s colors in bedroom decor to create a harmonious look that can be subtle or overt. For a bold look, Euro pillows in solid-color shams that match one of the quilt’s main colors, a bed skirt in another quilt color and bedside lamps in a third quilt color make the quilt the main attraction.

What is a quilt ladder?

It is a wooden ladder that is finished with either a white or rustic chic finish. The ladder is 48 inches tall and leans up against a wall, usually in a corner. It has five rungs to display blankets and quilts in a unique way.