What does DC BLO mean in crochet?

Yarn over and insert your hook (front to back) under the back loop of the next stitch, yarn over and pull through a loop.

What is crochet BLO?

Blo stands for “back loop only.” This is a direction for where you should work the indicated stitch. Single crochet back loop only (or sc blo) indicates that you should insert your hook under the back loop only, not under both loops, when working your next single crochet.

What is DC crochet?

‘Double crochet (dc)’ is the same stitch as the American ‘single crochet (sc)’. Double crochet creates short and compact stitches.

What does Flo mean in crochet?

Front Loop Only (flo) or Back Loop Only (blo) Crochet – Stitches n Scraps.

What does St mean in crochet?

st(s) = stitch(es) tog = together; this is sometimes used in place of dec(rease) where you might say something like “sc2tog” to indicate a decrease in single crochet stitch.

What is 4 DC in crochet?

If your pattern asks you to make a five tr crochet cluster, you would be crocheting five adjacent treble crochet stitches, linked together at the top. In this example, we are going to make a 4 dc cluster. There will be four stitches worked adjacent to each other. All of the stitches will be double crochet stitches.

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