What does K over K mean in knitting?

It’s commonly phrased as “knit the knits and purl the purls.” If the stitch you’re knitting into is a knit (looks like it’s wearing a V-neck sweater), knit it; if it’s a purl (looks like it’s wearing a turtleneck), purl it. 12.

What does k2 KFB mean in knitting?

k2tog tbl: Knit two stitches together, through the back loop. k3tog : Knit three stitches together. k-b: Knit through the back loop, or knit below. k tbl: Knit one through the back loop. kfb: Knit into the front and back of a stitch, an increase.

Why do you knit through back loop?

When knitting through the back of the loop, you’re changing the direction from which the needle enters the stitch. By knitting through the back of the loop (abbreviated ktbl), you deliberately twist the stitch and create a different effect. Stitch patterns that use twisted stitches have an etched, linear quality.

What does Bo mean in knitting?

Abbreviation: bo. Cast off, or bind off, is an essential part of finishing any knitting project. In this video we will show you how to cast off using the standard method.

What does pm mean in knitting?

Place Marker (pm)

Well, when the pattern calls for this, you’d simply place a stitch marker on the right needle after the last worked stitch. As you continue to knit, you will come across this marker on every row or round thereafter.

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What does m1 mean in knitting?

Posted by Emily Wessel. Make 1 or m1 is a generic way to say ‘create one new stitch’. There are many different methods that you can choose from, and you should pick the one you prefer.

Is KFB the same as M1?

Kfb and M1 both do the same basic thing; they increase the number of stitches on your needle. However, they look and behave quite differently. The principal difference between the two increases is that kfb uses one stitch to make two whereas the M1 does not use any, the increase being made between stitches.

What does k1 mean in knitting?

Knit 1 purl 1 means that the first stitch is knitted and the next stitch is purled. If you are new to knitting, you’ll want to start here. Then, learn the knit stitch and the purl stitch.

What does knit 2 together mean?

Knit two together is the most basic method of decreasing stitches. It makes a decrease that slants slightly to the right and is often abbreviated as K2Tog or k2tog in patterns. To “knit two together” is just like making a regular knit stitch, but you work through two stitches instead of just one.