What does swapping yarns mean?

Basically, it’s substituting yarn that has been used in a pattern for another yarn. For example, you might be planning to knit a pattern that calls for a specific yarn, but the yarn listed has been discontinued; or, you might want to use some of your own yarn that you’ve been eyeing off in your stash.

What does the slang term yarn mean?

‘having a yarn’ meaning

Completely unrelated to string or twine. It means to have a chat, a discussion, generally very informal. Often had among friends, neighbours, associates. Example: I ran into old Suze down the shops, we had a good yarn, she told me all about how her boys have moved away now.

What does spit a yarn mean?

Here’s how to spit splice yarn. The spit splice, sometimes also called wet splice or felted splice is an ingenious method to join in a new ball by felting the two ends together in the palm of your hands. It’s a more or less waste-free technique that is both super fast and easy.

How do you alternate colors when knitting?


  1. Drop the First Color and Start the Second. …
  2. Knit the First Stitch With the New Color. …
  3. Knit Across the Row. …
  4. Carry Colors Along the Edges. …
  5. Keep the Carried Yarn Smooth. …
  6. Change Colors Back to the Carried Yarn. …
  7. Weave in the Ends of the Yarn.
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What is a yarn in Australia?

To “have a yarn” meaning to “have a chat” has been a part of Australian slang for a long time. … It’s a part of Aboriginal Australian culture and this year was used as a format to discuss Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health at the Australian Public Health Conference in Adelaide.

Is the word yarn Aboriginal?

Yarn. Yarn is an English word for a long story, often with incredible or unbelievable events.

What is the meaning of YERN?

(obsolete) eagerly, heartily, gladly, willingly, earnestly.

Can you spit splice mohair?

The spit splice works with animal fibres only. Meaning, wool, alpaca, mohair, camel and cashmere fibres can be joined beautifully. On the other hand, synthetic and cellulose fibres will not work with the spit slice.

Can you knit with different yarn weights?

Some designs may use a different yarn than the rest of the project. This creates a unique look, much more different than just using one yarn for the entire piece. But you can also combine two or more yarns throughout. … Most Knitting Projects ask for one yarn weight and the piece is worked throughout with the same yarn.

Can you knit with two strands of yarn?

Double stranded knitting is probably the easiest knitting technique out there. It’s even simpler than making a slip knot. All you need to do is to take 2 strands of yarn, align them and use them as one strand when you knit. That’s it!

Can you mix different types of yarn?

You can also combine different fibers or types of yarn. Adding a metallic yarn will jazz up a plain yarn. If a yarn is too fuzzy for your taste, adding a plain strand will mitigate the fuzz.

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