What is a crochet cast on?

The crochet cast on is a method for attaching your yarn to your knitting needle at the beginning of a project. This technique uses a crochet hook to place stitches on your knitting needle. It can be used to create a provisional cast on or on its own. The resulting edge will mirror most regular bind off edges.

Is crochet cast on stretchy?

Because you use a crochet hook to help create your row of foundation stitches in this method, it feels comfortable and familiar to those who learned crochet first. The edge created by this cast on method has a fair amount of stretch to it and looks similar to the edge created by the traditional bind off method.

What is a cast on stitch?

Casting on is a way to turn loose yarn into stitches that sit nicely on a knitting needle. Once yarn is cast onto the needle in the form of stitches, those stitches can be knit. Casting on is the first step in knitting. All you need is some yarn and needles.

Is the Chinese waitress cast on stretchy?

The Chinese Waitress Cast-On is a stretchy, reversible short-tail cast-on published in Cap Sease’s incredible 2012 resource, Cast-On, Bind-Off, 211 Ways to Begin and End Your Knitting. It creates a beautiful, stretchy double chain of stitches along the cast-on edge.

What is the difference between long tail cast on?

You can ONLY use a long-tail cast-on to START a knitting project, because when you’re in the middle of a project, you only have one strand of yarn available to you. If you need to cast on in the middle of a project, you can always do a short-tail cast-on, in other words, a cast-on that requires only one strand of yarn.

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